Live 2008 Fantasy Football Expert League Draft

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As you know, we participate in numerous Fantasy Football Expert Leagues each and every season – This draft is run by our good friends at This is not a PPR league, but the scoring is relatively standard other than the fact that quarterbacks get 6 points per TD pass. If you would like follow this draft live, click here. The line-up requirements for this league are: 1QB, 2RBs, 3WRs, 1TE, 1K, 1DST.

Our Roster So Far

Peyton Manning, Ronnie Brown, Earnest Graham, Randy Moss, Lee Evans, Todd Heap, Rashard Mendenhall, Chester Taylormore on rosters

2008 Expert Draft Results

Round One

1.01 1. UltimateFFStrategy.Com Tomlinson, Ladainian SDC RB

1.02 2. Peterson, Adrian MIN RB

1.03 3. FFGeekBlog.Com Addai, Joseph IND RB

1.04 4. Fantasy Football Calculator Westbrook, Brian PHI RB

1.05 5. NotJustAGame.Com Jackson, Steven STL RB

1.06 6. FFReport.Com Barber, Marion DAL RB

1.07 7. FantasyFootballCafe.Com Portis, Clinton WAS RB

1.08 8. Gore, Frank SFO RB

1.09 9. Johnson, Larry KCC RB

1.10 10. FantasyFootballFools.Com Brady, Tom NEP QB

1.11 11. JunkyardJake.Com McGahee, Willis BAL RB

1.12 12. FantasyFootballXtreme.Com Moss, Randy NEP WR


Marion Barber at 1.06 (FFReport – Kellogg) has to be the biggest reach in the first-round. With players like Frank Gore, Willis McGahee and even Larry Johnson still on the board, we would have taken a pass on Barber at that point in the draft. Don’t get me wrong, we like Barber, but he makes a better RB2 at the top of that second — if taken in the 6-10 range, an insanely productive season is needed to even justify the investment. Clinton Portis was also a bit of a reach at 1.07. Can he earn that value? Yea, but Gore is a much better grab in my opinion.


There weren’t too many bargains in this first-round, other than Frank Gore slipping a couple spots too far.

Round Two

2.01 13. FantasyFootballXtreme.Com Manning, Peyton IND QB

2.02 14. JunkyardJake.Com Lynch, Marshawn BUF RB

2.03 15. FantasyFootballFools.Com Grant, Ryan GBP RB

Corrected pick

2.04 16. Bush, Reggie NOS RB

2.05 17. Owens, Terrell DAL WR

2.06 18. FantasyFootballCafe.Com Lewis, Jamal CLE RB

2.07 19. FFReport.Com Young, Selvin DEN RB

2.08 20. NotJustAGame.Com Johnson, Andre HOU WR

2.09 21. Fantasy Football Calculator Wayne, Reggie IND WR

2.10 22. FFGeekBlog.Com Jones-Drew, Maurice JAC RB

2.11 23. Turner, Michael ATL RB

2.12 24. UltimateFFStrategy.Com Colston, Marques NOS WR


We predrafted our first- and second-round picks, so in all honesty, we would have selected a running back with this selection if we had been drafting this pick live. That said, Peyton Manning (our 2.01 selection) was our highest ranked player left on our predraft list and for good reason. This league awards 6 points per touchdown pass, so our Randy Moss and Manning combo is going to carry our team almost every single week. This strategy is quite risky, as we’re big believers in taking AT LEAST one running back in the first two rounds of any draft, but as you will see later, we landed two fantastic running backs with our third- and fourth-round picks considering where we were picking.

Besides our Manning pick, Selvin Young at 2.07 (by FFReport – Kellogg) has to be the biggest reach of this second-round. If anyone can still swing a solid team with a starting point of Barber and Young, it’s Kellogg, but Young may not even be the starter in Week 1, that’s how Shanny rolls. We’re not saying that this pick can’t workout, but we advise that fantasy owners wait on drafting Selvin — if he falls, he falls… If he doesn’t, well, let someone else take the risk, that’s our advice. Selvin has solid value when he slips in a draft, but taking him as your RB2 (and in the second-round) feels like fantasy suicide.


Maurice Jones-Drew at 2.10 will end up looking like a steal in hindsight. Jones-Drew has top 5-7RB upside written all over him, which makes him the perfect RB2 in 2008.

Round Three

3.01 25. UltimateFFStrategy.Com Romo, Tony DAL QB

3.02 26. Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR

3.03 27. FFGeekBlog.Com Edwards, Braylon CLE WR

3.04 28. Fantasy Football Calculator Brees, Drew NOS QB

3.05 29. NotJustAGame.Com Smith, Steve CAR WR

3.06 30. FFReport.Com James, Edgerrin ARI RB

3.07 31. FantasyFootballCafe.Com Houshmandzadeh, T.J. CIN WR

3.08 32. Maroney, Laurence NEP RB

3.09 33. Holt, Torry STL WR

3.10 34. FantasyFootballFools.Com Johnson, Chad CIN WR

3.11 35. JunkyardJake.Com Burress, Plaxico NYG WR

3.12 36. FantasyFootballXtreme.Com Brown, Ronnie MIA RB


Drew Brees at 3.04 feels like a reach, just because you can land a Ben Roethlisberger or a Carson Palmer over a round or two later in 2008. Roethy is falling far in ’08 drafts, so keep that in mind when Brady, Manning and Romo are all off the board and you’re explore the option of taking a quarterback early on — It may be worth passing on a QB that isn’t in that top three.


Ronnie Brown was a steal at the bottom of the third-round. Given that this slot was going to be our first running back taken in the entire draft, we needed to land a solid runner. Brown is solid. While we don’t think the back, who is coming off ACL surgery, will even finish inside the top 10RBs in 2008, he is a monster steal at pick 36 and capable of putting up 1,000 yards rushing and 8-10 scores. Who was the biggest steal of this round? Try Chad Johnson at 3.10. That is insane value! In fact, this was probably the steal of the entire draft – We see Chad having a top 5WR season in 2008.

Round Four

4.01 37. FantasyFootballXtreme.Com Graham, Earnest TBB RB

4.02 38. JunkyardJake.Com Boldin, Anquan ARI WR

4.03 39. FantasyFootballFools.Com Marshall, Brandon DEN WR

4.04 40. Williams, Roy DET WR

4.05 41. Parker, Willie PIT RB

4.06 42. FantasyFootballCafe.Com Jacobs, Brandon NYG RB

4.07 43. FFReport.Com Forte, Matt CHI RB

4.08 44. NotJustAGame.Com Taylor, Fred JAC RB

4.09 45. Fantasy Football Calculator Jones, Thomas NYJ RB

4.10 46. FFGeekBlog.Com Welker, Wes NEP WR

4.11 47. McFadden, Darren OAK RB

4.12 48. UltimateFFStrategy.Com White, LenDale TEN RB


We’re not a fan of Fred Taylor at 4.08. In fact, if Taylor had slipped to both our 5th- and 6th-round selections, we still wouldn’t have taken him. Freddy could surprise for yet another season, but our money is on Jones-Drew getting the 220+ carries in Jacksonville in 2008. We see a balance shift in carries there in Jacksonville in ’08.


Again, we started this draft off with Peyton Manning and Randy Moss, so we badly needed two solid running backs to fall, but we never thought we would still have a shot at Ronnie Brown (our 3rd-round pick) and Earnest Graham (our 4th-round selection right here in this round). On just 10 starts, Graham rushed for 898 yards and 10 scores. He also caught 49 passes for 324 yards. We’re not huge fans of Graham’s dynasty value (as he is 28), but he easily deserves to be drafted in the early third-round in 2008 redraft leagues. Brown and Graham are two fantastic starting rushers considering they were our third and fourth players taken in this draft. Another solid bargain was Darren McFadden at 4.11. McFadden has a grip of upside in 2008, so we like this grab.

Round Five

5.01 49. UltimateFFStrategy.Com Jennings, Greg GBP WR

5.02 50. Gates, Antonio SDC TE

5.03 51. FFGeekBlog.Com Witten, Jason DAL TE

5.04 52. Fantasy Football Calculator Holmes, Santonio PIT WR

5.05 53. NotJustAGame.Com Winslow, Kellen CLE TE

5.06 54. FFReport.Com Palmer, Carson CIN QB

5.07 55. FantasyFootballCafe.Com Johnson, Calvin DET WR

5.08 56. Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB

5.09 57. Harrison, Marvin IND WR

5.10 58. FantasyFootballFools.Com Stewart, Jonathan CAR RB

5.11 59. JunkyardJake.Com Smith, Kevin DET RB

5.12 60. FantasyFootballXtreme.Com Mendenhall, Rashard PIT RB


Marvin Harrison at 5.09 is quite a reach given he is turning 36 later this season.


Antonio Gates in the 5th-round is always nice value, and getting Rashard Mendenhall at 5.12, one of our 2008 breakout candidates, felt like a bargain. He is our third rusher in this two running back league, so we can wait on him to develop — When he does, watch out!

Round Six

6.01 61. FantasyFootballXtreme.Com Evans, Lee BUF WR

6.02 62. JunkyardJake.Com Bowe, Dwayne KCC WR

6.03 63. FantasyFootballFools.Com Cotchery, Jerricho NYJ WR

6.04 64. Johnson, Rudi CIN RB

6.05 65. Chambers, Chris SDC WR

6.06 66. FantasyFootballCafe.Com Jones, Julius SEA RB

6.07 67. FFReport.Com Vikings, Minnesota MIN Def

6.08 68. NotJustAGame.Com Berrian, Bernard MIN WR

6.09 69. Fantasy Football Calculator Gonzalez, Tony KCC TE

6.10 70. FFGeekBlog.Com Anderson, Derek CLE QB

6.11 71. White, Roddy ATL WR

6.12 72. UltimateFFStrategy.Com Williams, DeAngelo CAR RB


The Vikings are going to be a strong defense in 2008 fantasy leagues, but 6.07 is just a bit high for our taste. We don’t mind grabbing a good defense early from time to time, but we would rather land the Steelers rounds later!


The steal of this round has to be Derek Anderson at 6.10. This is the kind of drop that frustrates those of us who grabbed a QB early. Dwayne Bowe might turn some heads in 2008, so landing him at 6.02 may look genius when all is said and done this upcoming fantasy season.

Round Seven

7.01 73. UltimateFFStrategy.Com Ward, Hines PIT WR

7.02 74. McNabb, Donovan PHI QB

7.03 75. FFGeekBlog.Com Curtis, Kevin PHI WR

7.04 76. Fantasy Football Calculator Galloway, Joey TBB WR

7.05 77. NotJustAGame.Com Cutler, Jay DEN QB

7.06 78. FFReport.Com Davis, Vernon SFO TE

7.07 79. FantasyFootballCafe.Com Hasselbeck, Matt SEA QB

7.08 80. Clark, Dallas IND TE

7.09 81. Cooley, Chris WAS TE

7.10 82. FantasyFootballFools.Com Moss, Santana WAS WR

7.11 83. JunkyardJake.Com Gonzalez, Anthony IND WR

7.12 84. FantasyFootballXtreme.Com Heap, Todd BAL TE


There were no extreme reaches in this round.


I hate to keep talking about our selections, but getting Todd Heap a pick before the 8th-round felt like robbery. Cam Cameron throws a lot to his tight end and Heap could be in for a top 3-4 TE season. We also like Hines Ward at 7.01 believe it or not. Ward is going to be very underrated this year. Keep that in mind if you plan on grabbing your WR2 and WR3 late in your draft. Two Ward-types could fill those spots nicely.

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