Cam Newton (QB)

11/27/2012 12:56 pm by in Fantasy Football Expert Analysis, Player Spotlights, Quarterbacks

Cam Newton

Are you back in Cam Newton’s corner yet? I admit, he has proved me wrong for many weeks in a row, as I’ve been saying stick with him all season long no matter what… yes, it took a while to get back to form, and yes, it was the Eagles defense he torched on Monday night for 300+ and 4 total scores, but I think it’s safe to say Newton has to remain , if you own him, a must-start through Week 16. If you are one of the many regretful fantasy owners that benched him in Week 12, I know it’s tough even reading a Cam Newton write-up right now… however, if you are still in the playoff mix, plug him into your roster and hope the big guy runs you into the win column next week. Own Cam Newton in a dynasty league where you aren’t in the playoff mix? Get on the FFX forums and get some trade advice. No, I’m not suggesting that anyone sell Newt low, but no player is too valuable to trade, and whenever a player goes insane (and your team is hurting, or in need of some changes), it’s always wise to test trade waters and try turning a hot player into two very undervalued studs. Need some examples? Well, after Doug Martin’s huge breakout performance a couple weeks back, my advice was to trade Martin if the price was right, and maybe acquire a C.J. Spiller and Cam Newton all for Martin (clearly advice for those that needed a QB). Another suggestion last week was directed at Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady owners… it was to buy-low on Julio Jones and Cam Newton together in a 2-for-1 type deal… These are the kinds of dynasty-type offers you should draw up if you are out of the playoffs and looking to ensure competitiveness entering 2013.

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