Bryce Brown (RB)

12/05/2012 10:17 am by in Fantasy Football Expert Analysis, Player Spotlights, Running Backs

bryce brown

Ok, so everyone is pretty much on the wagon now when it comes to Bryce Brown, however, he faces a really tough Tampa Bay rushing defense in Week 14, so what do you do if you own the runner? Even though Tampa Bay is ranked No. 1 against the run through 12 games, you just can’t bench Brown as long as he is starting, not unless you have just insane options at RB1 and RB2 (and flex if you roll with three rushers each week)… What kind of players would I start over Brown?

Well, of course a top 5RB deserves consideration over Brown given Brown’s tough match-up, but I still have Brown as a top 5-10 rusher this week, and his quickness, speed, and ability to hit the hole and go, all that has me pegging Brown for 100 total yards and a score in this tough Week 14 battle. It’s tough starting an “out of nowhere” type player during the first week of the playoffs, because you just don’t know when the ride will end, and you don’t want it ending when it counts the most! So, if you feel iffy at all about your line-up situation this week, and whether Brown is worthy of being your Week 14 starter, be sure to jump on the FFX forums and get some second and third opinions! Good luck this week, Xtremers!

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