Jason Witten (TE)

12/18/2012 6:46 pm by in Fantasy Football Expert Analysis, Player Spotlights, Tight Ends

jason whitten dal

Jason Witten you make me angry. Why don’t you score more touchdowns for me? You are top 10 in the league, INCLUDING receivers in targets with 134. That’s more than the likes of Demaryius Thomas, Victor Cruz, Roddy White, and Steve Smith. How do you only score two touchdowns?! You would figure a tight end would score more touchdowns than a receiver with his targets, right? Being a big comfort target in the red-zone and all. Watch a Cowboys game and literally every time Tony Romo needs to pick up a first down late in the game he goes to Wiitten. Every time. So why when it comes down to throwing touchdown passes are you SO selfish? Jason has been with you all throughout your time at Dallas, throw him a bone…or touchdown now and then. That being said Witten is a great fantasy play in any format, and especially in PPR leagues. Witten is bound to catch a touchdown or two in his final two games. If you have the future Hall of Famer on your team sit tight, and be patient. The touchdowns will come…I hope.

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