Mike Glennon (QB)

01/21/2013 5:49 pm by in Rookie Spotlights

Credit: Jeff Reeves

I currently have Mike Glennon out of North Carolina State as my #4 ranked QB in the 2013 draft class. One of the main attributes that NFL teams look at when evaluating a player is size, and Glennon certainly doesn’t lack that. Standing at 6-6 and weighing in at 232 pounds Glennon looks like the prototypical NFL quarterback. He has the arm strength to throw the ball all over the field, and great footwork in the pocket. Glennon had some ridiculous numbers this season, (29 of 53 for 493 yards and 5 touchdowns against Clemson, 29 of 52 for 467 yards and 5 touchdowns against North Carolina, 24 of 42 for 440 yards and 4 touchdowns against Miami) but unfortunately lost all 3 of those games. Glennon wasn’t surrounded by an abundant amount of talent at N.C State, but still managed to put up stellar statistics.

Now I also went to the N.C. State vs. Virginia game in Raleigh, where I saw Glennon miss horribly all day long going 23 of 46 for 197 yards, 1 touchdown, and 3 interceptions in a 6-33 loss against a pretty miserable UVa team… (I’m a UVa fan so that hurts to admit). I’ve been skeptical of Glennon ever since then, but after watching some of his tape against UNC, Miami, and Clemson I’ve come to think that he just had an off day. I’ve noticed that when Glennon has time and can step into his throws he’s almost always on target, but when rushed panics and is often off target.

Glennon possesses most of the skills necessary of a NFL quarterback, but in my opinion needs to sit and be coached up for a few years before he takes the reigns. However if Glennon manages to find a starting role right away, he’s worth a late round pick simply because rookies, and Glennon especially have so much upside.

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