E.J. Manuel (QB)

02/02/2013 9:13 am by in Rookie Spotlights


E.J.Manuel was the MVP of the Senior Bowl. After a week where he didn’t separate himself in practices he came up big when it counted the most! He completed 7/10 passes for 76 yards and a score while adding another touchdown on the ground. He handled the defensive pressure and delivered his passes accurately.

His exceptional arm strength and mobility are unquestioned but it will take a few years before Manuel is ready to make an impact for an NFL team or your fantasy team. He took a lot of snaps out of the shotgun in college where he showed the ability to make quick reads. Consistency and experience will be issues but he completed roughly 66% of his passes in one-and-a-half years as a starter with a solid TD/INT ratio 41/18 over his last two years. He intangibles include a strong work ethic and he’s proven to be tough. There are some remaining questions about his ability to perform in the “big” games and under pressure.

Manuel will have to develop better fundamentals and will need to be coached up before he can make an impact in the NFL. Expect some team to take a chance on him in the third round. He’s a player worth drafting in dynasty leagues if you can give him a few years on the bench. In redraft leagues his value will be nil, he’s not ready to step in and start in the NFL.

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