Robert Griffin III (QB)

03/07/2013 11:55 pm by in Fantasy Football Expert Analysis, Player Spotlights, Quarterbacks


I believe when Robert Griffin III is healthy he is by far and away the best fantasy option at the quarterback position. The healthy part is the problem. I feel like everyone has a story about how RG3 somehow miraculously beat them when they thought their game was far out of reach, and subsequently ruined their whole week, but you can’t really hate the guy…he’s just too lovable.

Once upon a time in week 6 I had a comfortable lead, up by 11 with a little under 3 minutes left. My opponent was down to his last player…RG3 with a little under 3 minutes to go. Washington is up and trying to milk the clock so I figure I’m golden. I turn off the TV and I’m driving home, I decide to flip on the radio and I immediately hear “He’ll outrun them all! Touchdown RG3!” My heart skips a beat, but I reassure myself that it’s probably only a 10 or 20 yard run. Turns out it was from his own 24…I lose. I figure this has happened all season to you guys, and I’d love to hear some RG3 “war stories” on the forum, as I still haven’t quite recovered.

My point being is that RG3 has a skill set that is so unique to the quarterback position that teams don’t know how to defend against his athleticism and heart. If (and that’s a big if) RG3 can recover from his knee injury in time for week 1 and stay healthy all year, I’ll guarantee he’ll be a top 3 fantasy quarterback. If you draft RG3 I’d suggest you draft another above average backup, just to be safe. I’m a big believer in RG3, but the injuries truly do scare me. There’s risk in drafting RG3 early, but also huge upside. Go with your gut.

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