Knile Davis (RB)

03/09/2013 6:04 pm by in Rookie Spotlights

Knile Davis

Knile Davis missed his 2011 season with a broken ankle. This season it appeared he was not fully recovered as he was indecisive and hesitant running into the line, looking to bounce too many plays outside and had some issues with fumbling.

In 2010, as a sophomore, Davis put up 1322/13 numbers so the potential is there. He has size, breakaway speed (prior to injury) and good hands out of the backfield.

He comes with major injury concerns. He’s been injured each year, sometimes playing hurt, other times missing games; struggles in pass protection; and shows little flexibility. He’ll have to show he is healthy with regained confidence at the combine because he is considered a 6th/7th round pick to borderline undraftable. Though this obviously changed with his combine performace!

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