Kenny Stills (WR)

03/11/2013 3:07 pm by in Rookie Spotlights

kenny stills

Kenny Stills is one of the many players that makes this draft so deep. He is good in a lot of areas, elite in none. He runs solid routes; is quick in and out of breaks; can catch the jump ball; good balance and agility; can adjust his routes; and get you yards after the catch.

He lacks elite speed; catches too many (short) balls against his body; will need to get stronger; makes mental mistakes on the field; and there are some maturity and off the field concerns. He looks like a potential WR2/slot receiver who has starting potential mid way through the season. He could start earlier if the team is needy at the position.

In the NFL Draft he could go in the fourth round due to his speed. In dynasty drafts he’ll likely go in the fourth round but he is someone to keep an eye on. He should eventually start for the team that drafts him if he works at it.

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