Mike Wallace (WR)

07/03/2013 9:10 am by in Player Spotlights, Wide Receivers

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Mike Wallace (WR) taking his talents to South Beach was one of the biggest off season stories. Many fantasy owners are excited to see Wallace paired with a young promising quarterback in Ryan Tannehill, and a new offence with him being the focal point. However I don’t completely trust Wallace, and here’s why you shouldn’t either.

Wallace to me is somewhat of a “boom or bust” type receiver, in 4 games Wallace put up a mere 1 fantasy point or 0, but in 7 games Wallace put up 9 points or more. Wallace being a big name receiver will be taken sooner in most leagues than he should be. In my mind he isn’t worth the risk in the first 4 rounds. Wallace could showcase that amazing speed of his, and rip off a 80 yards touchdown any game, but could also potentially put up a goose egg.

In my mind consistency is key to winning games, and other receivers without as big of a name as Wallace such as a Eric Decker, Pierre Garcon, or Danny Amendola might serve you better. You might be able to grab them later in the draft instead of a big name guy like Wallace.

I could be wrong and Wallace could have a huge season and thrive off the deep ball, but I don’t trust it enough to draft him as high as he will go. Let me know what you think on the forums.

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