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Dennis Pitta has undergone surgery after suffering a fractured and dislocated hip. Doctors removed a small bone fragment, but the injury and damage to the surrounding area is so severe that Pitta will be unable to return in 2013. What little good news there is in this instance is that there was no ligament or cartilage damage, and no bone fragments logged in his muscle tissue. The quick response and surgery will hopefully prevent what happened to Bo Jackson from happening to Pitta.

While there is a lengthy and grueling rehab ahead of Dennis Pitta football fans dynasty owners have some hope that he can avoid the fate that befell Bo Jackson. If subsequent tests reveal no cartilage damage (swelling would prevent doctors from seeing it) Pitta can recover completely. We are still a few days away from knowing this. In the meantime fans of the game can offer prayers and positive thoughts for Dennis Pitta’s full recovery.

While discussing fantasy implications is strange in the context of someone’s career, here it is: Joe Flacco remains a QB2; Ed Dickson moves into the starting lineup, but his fantasy impact is in the mid TE2 range; there are likely more targets going to Torrey Smith, Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce.

Most fantasy owners will focus on Ed Dickson. Dickson could catch between 46-52 passes but his average pass completion is only 5.55 yards. You can add him at or near the end of your draft but unless we see a huge improvement in the rapport he has with Flacco, Dickson is nothing better than a flyer at the tight end position. Don’t overdraft him right now.

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  1. Scotty August 10th, 2013 6:19 pm

    Good tidbits of info on the remaining Ravens’ players and their dynasty value. A real shame what happened to Pitta. Hopefully he can have a full recovery. I still have not gotten over Bo Jackson.

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