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Going into his 5th season with Tampa Bay, Josh Freeman is actually only 25 years old. The young quarterback finished 13th among fantasy quarterbacks last year, but astoundingly he’s only owned in 35% of ESPN leagues. Why would a quarterback who finished that high in fantasy points be owned in such a small percentage of leagues? With Freeman entering a contract year and I expect him to improve on last year’s 13th ranking and move into the top 10. He has all of the physical tools to make any pass on the field, and his chemistry with star receiver Vincent Jackson should improve entering their 2nd year together. I don’t think Freeman is an ideal starter, but I do think he’s a fantastic bye week filler, and could be used in a starting role if you were in a pinch. Freeman in large part flies below the radar because he’s in such a small market, and isn’t the most outspoken guy.

Another plus to Freeman’s fantasy outlook is the conference he plays in. The NFC South isn’t quite known for defense…
well not recently anyways. Last year Tampa Bay finished 32nd, New Orleans 31st, Atlanta 23rd, and Carolina 13th. So Freeman gets 2 shots at these defenses a year, which doesn’t hurt. Another statistic to pay attention to is the offensive production in the NFC South. The Panthers finished 12th, the Buccaneers 9th, Atlanta 8th, and New Orleans 2nd. So the scores will most likely be driven up in most situations and have the possibility to turn into shootouts.

I’ve always felt that offenses play much better after the opposing offense scores. They’re more forced into HAVING to score, which is why at the end of low scoring games you usually see allot of offenses get it together.

Due to Freeman’s age, contract situation, weapons, physical measurements, and conference, I think he’ll put together a nice (but quiet) 2013 season. What do you guys think? I’ll be sure to answer any comments!

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