Chris Ivory (RB)

08/23/2013 11:06 am by in Fantasy Football, Player Spotlights, Running Backs


Chris Ivory is scary. Scary intimidating, scary talented, but most importantly scary injury prone. I LOVE the way Ivory runs, it’s like a mix of Marshawn Lynch’s power/determination and Bryce Brown’s size/burst. People who don’t watch football (well my sisters) were drawn to his talent and would ask me who “that guy with the hair” is whenever the Saint’s were on TV. He jumps off the screen fighting for extra yards and throwing defensive backs like rag-dolls (I’m looking at you Dunta Robinson). I really only see a handful of running backs really really fight for extra yards, those being Marshawn Lynch, Alfred Morris, Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, and Chris Ivory. You don’t see those dudes running out of bounds, their delivering punishment rush after rush.

I could gush over Ivory’s running ability all day…but I’m going to do a 180 and tell you why not to draft him, sadly. Get ready for a laundry list of injuries. Ivory played in only 22 games over his 3 year career at Washington State because of injuries, then played 5 games for Tiffin University before suffering a season ending knee injury. On to the NFL. First year he hurt his knee yet again, separated his shoulder, got a concussion, strained his hamstring, then suffered the dreaded Lisfranc injury. Over the summer Ivory was forced onto the PUP list by a sports hernia, followed by another hamstring injury mid season, playing a total of 6 games in 2011. In 2012 Ivory managed to play 6 games while dealing with more hamstring problems. Already this season Ivory has dealt with more hamstring problems, causing him to miss much of training camp. That’s a grand total of 24 games played out of a possible 48. 50%. These injuries also came without much of a heavy workload in New Orleans. Warning: You’re going too see a lot of the dreaded “questionable” injury tag.

Soooo…I’ll let that list speak for it’s self. I hope I’m wrong here, and I love the way Ivory runs the ball, but I can’t see him making it through the season with 15-20 carries a game without missing significant time. Sure, if he does I expect him to have RB1 type numbers, but I think it’s unlikely that happens. Again I hope I’m wrong here, but drafting Ivory as a starter is risky business.

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  1. Scotty August 23rd, 2013 3:49 pm

    Boy you nailed it George. If Ivory can stay on the field, LOOK OUT. But he can be so injury-prone. I’ve already taken him once this year in a draft, and may fall in the trap yet again before it’s all set and done. I’m keeping my fingers crossed he stays on the field!

  2. Tavaner August 26th, 2013 5:41 am

    Great insights. Ivory is a boom/bust pick but as an RB3 he’ll offer the RB1 potential you mention when he is on the field. The Jets also have one of the stronger run blocking lines in football. It’s a tough decision at a position of need.

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