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2013 Rookie WRs I Love/Hate

Everyone gets excited about rookies because their unproven and always fun to follow. In this year’s draft class, I’m much higher on some mid to late round NFL Draft picks than some of their higher counterparts. These may sound like bold predictions, but I really feel some players drafted lower, will produce more.


My favorite as of now is Texan’s receiver DeAndre Hopkins. He can do it all. Expect Hopkins to become an impact player mid way through the year. He should continue to learn from Andre Johnson, who will also be drawing the double coverage, leaving Hopkins on an island. Only concern right now is that he still hasn’t passed stage 5 of his concussion test, but he should be okay for week 1.

Saint’s receiver Kenny Stills is going to be big. Yup, 5th round pick Kenny Stills. I’ve written about how great I think Stills is before, and I think he landed in the perfect situation. The coaches and players love him, and he’s had a terrific pre-season. Look for Stills to surprise and put up some terrific rookie numbers in New Orleans. I fully expect him to finish ahead of Lance Moore.

I guess I have to hop on the band wagon here…Kembrell Thompkins. It’s obvious that Brady and New England love this kid. I don’t care who you are, if you’re the #2 WR in a Tom Brady offense, you’re going to produce. Funny how a undrafted free agent could lead all rookie WRs stat wise.

Quinton Patton will become the 49ers #2 receiver. With Crabtree out and a talent starved San Francisco wide out corps, Patton will move up and up. Patton’s a natural born leader and competitor, and will show up game after game. Go get him in your dynasty leagues. Again, Patton was drafted in the 4th round, in large part to playing for Louisiana Tech. Scouts said he didn’t face good enough talent consistently…go tell that to Texas A&M. Patton put up video game numbers against them going for, 21 catches, 233 yard and 4 touchdowns.

My last WR who I’m really excited about is Markus Wheaton. You won’t find yourself a harder worker, or a harder competitor…reminds me of Hinds Ward. Wheaton will be the #3 WR in Pittsburgh this year, and is a perfect fit in Todd Haley’s offense.

2013 ROOKIE WRS I HATE – (hate’s a strong word…let’s go with DISLIKE)

WRs are dropping like flies in San Diego. Leaving Keenan Allen a golden opportunity. Unfortunately I just don’t think he’s ready. In my view Allen lacks the quick bursts of speed needed to separate from pro corners. He does have a big body, but I just don’t see him producing much this year.

Minnesota is Adrian Peterson’s team. Minnesota is going to run the ball. Minnesota will run the ball with Adrian Peterson. Simple. Christian Ponder isn’t the best QB to have as a rookie WR. Cordarrelle Patterson, or as he calls himself “flash”…(yeah) will struggle to get targets throughout the year. There’s no question he’s dangerous with the ball, the problem will be getting it to him.

Justin Hunter in Tennessee I believe will eventually become a solid WR, but with the depth in Tennessee, I think he’ll be limited this year. It’s not like Tennessee has WRs who really stand out, but if you think about it they really have depth there. Kenny Britt, Nate Washington, and Kendall Wright should be ahead of Hunter in year 1. Couple that with the fact that Jake Locker is his QB, and there’s not a lot of wiggle room.

In Seattle you figure a rookie WR would have a great shot to prove himself with the lack of depth at the position. Unfortunately Chris Harper hasn’t proven anything thus far. The 4th round pick is currently fighting for a roster spot, which many are speculating he won’t make…not good.

Side Notes

If you’re wondering where Tavon Austin is, I’m just not sold on him yet. I’ve seen some reports suggesting he might not contribute too much on offense. His size concerns me, but he’s so quick that if St.Louis gets him the ball, he should excel. I’m just not completely confident about the Rams getting him the ball yet. If they get creative with him like in Morgantown, he should provide some electric plays.

A couple more rookie WRs that I like to keep your eyes on include Robert Woods, Josh Boyce, Aaron Dobson, Aaron Mellette, Ace Sanders, and Da’Rick Rodgers…until he got cut. Could be picked up elsewhere.

Which rookie receivers do you like? Let me know in the comments of forums!

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