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Okay, 2nd week of the NFL season is down, and what have we learned? For starters, how about the running backs are not exactly tearing it up are they? There are more tight ends coming out of the woodworks than we ever thought there would be, and Philip Rivers is a better fantasy quarterback than Cam Newton. Wait, forget that last part, it seems wrong even saying it!

So what are some of the things we need to NOT hit the panic button on quite yet? Well here are a few: Quarterback – Tom Brady being outscored by the likes of Terrelle Pryor, Alex Smith, E.J. Manuel, and Ryan Tannehill–FYI, I winced quite a bit even typing Tannehill’s name in there…ouch. But don’t panic here, this is classic Brady. Most years he starts out VERY slow, but by mid-season he is in tune with whatever new batch of receivers he has, and it’s go time, at the right time, as in playoff time. Do I think Brady is a Top 5 fantasy QB still? Nope, but definitely Top 10, and still good enough to not think about tossing to the curb just yet. Gronk may be back this week, and once he can gain a little more confidence in Dobson and Thompkins, this should not be a situation we will be sweating much. But if you’re sitting on a very capable backup (Kaep, Wilson, Stafford), it wouldn’t be a bad idea to play the matchups until the old Brady is back.

Running Back – Now what is going on with Trent Richardson? He has failed to reach even 60 yards rushing in two games, and under 13 fantasy points as well, and I’m talking PPR folks. I don’t even want to bring up what he’s scored (or hasn’t) in standard leagues. Regardless, keep your hands off the panic button! If anything, this is the perfect time to buy low. The Dolphins and Ravens both have a very good run defense, and they emphasized stopping the talented young back. 4 of his next 5 games will be against much weaker defenses (Vikings, Bills, Lions, Packers), and he should turn it around soon.

Wide Receiver – “Hello media people. To answer your questions, yes, I will be sitting Josh Freeman this week and going with Mike Glennon at quarterback.” – Greg Schiano in about 2-3 weeks tops. So do not panic on Vincent Jackson. The Buccaneers offense as a whole looks absolutely disastrous at times, but fear not Doug Martin and V-Jax, once Freeman gets the hook, the fantasy numbers should return for these two. Jackson’s schedule is loaded with weak pass defenses (Cardinals, Eagles, Falcons, Panthers, Rams, Saints), so make sure you don’t get a little crazy and toss him aside.

Tight End – Double trouble here, Jason Witten and Tony Gonzales. Where have they gone right? We have seen Julius Thomas, Jordan Cameron, Martellus Bennett (really?), and Charles Clay (who is still listed as a RB on some sites BTW) outscoring these two. Jump on the bandwagon right? Hit the panic button right? NO! Okay, I will admit Julius Thomas is looking like a real stud, and I like what I’ve seen out of Cameron as well, but don’t be so quick to set Witten and Tony G aside. They will get a ton of targets as the season goes along, and they should still both finish near the top of the TE list in 2013.

So some of my BUY LOW guys right now: Robert Griffin III, Cam Newton, Tom Brady, Doug Martin, C.J. Spiller, Arian Foster, Ray Rice, Trent Richardson, Chris Johnson, Vincent Jackson, Reggie Wayne, Jason Witten, and Tony Gonzalez. Now smart owners will not look to part with Foster, Rice, or T-Rich, but it’s always shocking how quickly people are willing to sell off guys that they spent a high draft pick on, ESPECIALLY in redraft leagues. Dynasty is obviously a bit tougher.

My SELL HIGH players right now are Philip Rivers, Matt Schaub, Sam Bradford, Reggie Bush, Knowshon Moreno, Eddie Royal, Martellus Bennett, and Jared Cook. Hopefully some of you were able to capitalize on Reggie Bush’s phenomenal week 1 performance by moving him as fast as you could, for as much as you could, before week 2 hit and the injuries began–and it’s only week 2 Reggie!

For this week’s upcoming games, if you have Peyton vs Oakland, Kaepernick vs Indy, Lynch vs Jacksonville, McCoy vs Kansas City, A.J. Green vs Green Bay, or Megatron @ Washington, these guys could single-handedly lead you to victory with these matchups. If you’re stuck playing against someone who has these guys, well, hope your lineup as a whole can balance things out a bit (see, positivity is the key to success…or at least the key to thinking you have a chance until the games begin this week).

So after two weeks I hope the team you drafted is turning to be, in the words of Dennis Green, “Who we thought they were!” If not, get the trades going, hit the waiver wire, and hit us up on the forums as quickly and often as you can so together we can attempt to salvage the remains of your self-imploding team!

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