Why the Eagles Week 4 Match-up has RB2 Upside for Bryce Brown

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Anyone who says that the Eagles have no shot to beat the Denver Broncos this Sunday, has either given up on Chip Kelly, or is just looking at the game on paper. I am not saying that Eagles are going to walk out of Mile High Stadium with a win, but I tell you why there is a chance.

Chip Kelly has more to Reveal

In the first half of week one, everyone in the National Football League was astonished by the Eagles offense, this is not news. What is news is that Chip Kelly has not done anything new since then. In the second half they took their foot off the gas pedal, and the last two weeks Philly has fallen behind and has had to rely heavily on the pass.The pass is not Chip Kelly’s game. He loves to run the rock, and has been forced out of this the last two weeks.

In the loss to the Chiefs, we saw Chip Kelly go for a two-point conversion in the first quarter. Even with Kelly at the helm, this was a bit of a shock. What was even more surprising was the way in which the conversion was attempted. Kelly had the majority of the offense line up on the left side of the field, while leaving the kicker and snapper alone in the center of the field. By the way, if you think that was a one time thing, Kelly will tell you otherwise.

Chip Kelly did not just come up with this formation on the fly, he has a whole playbook full of odd formations and plays. Going against the high paced Denver Broncos offense, Kelly will need to dig deeper into his playbook this week.

Denver’s Explosive Offense

How would Denver’s offense work in favor for the Eagles? In theory, it does not. However, as has been much publicized over the last two weeks, the Eagles defense is one of the worst in the league. Almost anyone could put up 25-plus points up against this defense, never mind Denver. The Broncos are going to get there points, but being as dangerous as they are, Kelly is going to do all he can to make sure that Peyton Manning is on the sidelines as much as possible. This means Chip Kelly should be able to go back to his bread and butter, the running game.

Bryce Brown

Brown will need to have a big role running the football for the Eagles to have a chance Sunday. The Eagles have struggled mightily i ball control the last few weeks, possessing the ball for approximately 40 minutes with four turnovers (and one special teams turnover). Running the football will help with maintain the ball even with the high-octane offense that Kelly likes to run. This said, LeSean McCoy cannot run the rock 30 times, especially after spraining his ankle in last week’s loss. The Eagles need to limit the shots McCoy takes, therefore Brown’s role will go up this week.

Put these things together, and yes, the Eagles do have a chance, albeit slim, to beat the Denver Broncos this week. Win or loss, we should find out more about what Kelly has brought with him to Philadelphia.

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  1. Tavaner September 25th, 2013 2:52 pm

    What a homer! OMG!

    Seriously, great article Billy!

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