Terrelle Pryor/Matt Flynn/Matt McGloin (Raiders’ QBs)

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Quarterback Matt Flynn has fallen on yet another team’s depth chart, and this time it is the Oakland Raiders. This could very well spell the end of his chances to start for an NFL team as well. Last season he was beat out during the preseason in Seattle by rookie quarterback Russell Wilson, but signed this past offseason with the Raiders in hopes to be their future #1. Once again things just didn’t go according to Matt’s plans.

It has been announced that Flynn is not only being replaced by third year man Terrelle Pryor, but is falling to third on the team’s depth chart behind undrafted rookie Matt McGloin as well. So while this spells disaster for Matt Flynn and any future fantasy value he may hold, this is very good news for Terrelle Pryor owners. Pryor has that Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, RG3-type ability—-quick on his feet, can escape pressure fast, while keeping an eye on his receivers downfield.

One of the bigger pluses for Pryor is his rushing. In three games so far this year, he has rushed 26 times for 198 yards. He has a knack for not taking too many big shots as well, unlike some other running quarterbacks, ahem, RG3. The Raiders organization loves giving underdogs their chance to shine. This is part of their great history. Just ask Jim Plunkett, Rich Gannon, or even Matt Flynn — he had his chance, he just didn’t shine bright enough!

Expectations may be high for Pryor moving forward, but not so high that his starting job is greatly at risk. What fans have seen so far, they like. Oakland is blessed with the league’s 4th easiest schedule in 2013, and he will have many opportunities to show his stuff. His biggest problem is the offensive line that he is cursed with, and a bevy of running backs who can’t seem to stay healthy. But even with his young core of receivers with next to nothing experience-wise, he has still given a strong performance.

At only 24 years old, Pryor will make a good enough impact this year to win the Raiders more than just a few games. This will also destroy their chances of landing one of the top three spots in next year’s draft, which means, the top quarterback coming out of college will be going elsewhere, most likely to Jacksonville. In 12-man and up dynasty leagues, Pryor should be on someone’s roster without question. In deeper leagues, Matt McGloin does hold some handcuff value too (not a ton mind you), as he proved himself throughout the preseason. So much so, that he made the team over fourth round draft pick Tyler Wilson. McGloin shocked most by that, and may end up shocking us again down the line. But he will still be #2 on Oakland’s depth chart, as long as Pryor avoids injury. Look for Terrelle Pryor to finish his year around 3,700 yards passing, another 700-800 rushing, with 28 total TDs and 14 INTs. And that wouldn’t be too bad for the young man either.

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