Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB)

11/20/2013 11:26 am by in Fantasy Football, Fantasy Football Expert Analysis, Player Spotlights, Quarterbacks


Have injuries to the quarterback position been killing you this year in fantasy football? Still looking for that guy to plug in that you can actually rely on come playoff time? Well, Tennessee Titans QB Ryan Fitzpatrick may just be what you’re looking for, if you can sit on him for two weeks before your playoffs begin.

Jake Locker owners were sorely disappointed when he was knocked out for the season a couple of weeks ago. The scrambling began, and names like Ben Roethlisberger, Case Keenum, and Alex Smith were no longer on the waiver wire. Big Ben will continue his up and down streak like always, Keenum was thankfully handed the job back, according to Texans’ coach Gary Kukiak, and Alex Smith has been underperforming with more regularity than we’d like. Bottom line is, unless Matt Schaub stays out of the Texans’ QB controversy, owners who lost Aaron Rodgers or Locker for some time are struggling to find help.

This is where Ryan Fitzpatrick could come in handy. I’m not saying go pick Fitzy up and plan on using him over Luck, Peyton, Brees, Stafford, or Romo, but through weeks 14-16 he will be in the running to start over Brady, RG3, Kaepernick, Dalton, or even Matt Ryan. These quarterbacks have been terribly inconsistent this season, and Fitzpatrick should be consistent during this three week span if nothing else. His next two games are a one-good, one-bad situation. This coming week he faces the Oakland Raiders, who are great at stopping the run, but 24th in the league when it comes to stopping the pass. This is actually a very good matchup for Fitzy. After that, he goes up against Indianapolis again, where he could be held in check a bit, like he was this past weekend.

And then the fun begins. Week 14 it’s a trip to Denver, who we all know gets monster leads on teams, forcing them to throw 70% of the game. Denver ranks 28th vs. the pass, so this game could not come at a more perfect time, for those owners looking to win their final regular season game and get into the playoffs (and are hurting at QB). Week 15 Fitzpatrick and the Titans take on Arizona, the team that is 2nd in the league against the run, but 20th vs. the pass. The Cardinals will shut down Tennessee’s running game, opening up the passing game that much more. Week 16 is another trip to sunny Jacksonville, the same team that Fitzpatrick lit up two weeks ago for 264 yards, 3 total TDs, and no picks. If your league rolls its championship game Week 17, it’s not such good news, as Tennessee faces the Houston Texans and their #1 ranked D vs. the pass. But hopefully you finish up a week earlier.

At the end of the day, it’s been another weird fantasy football season. The running backs are underperforming like we never thought possible, and quarterbacks keep dropping like flies, or just underachieving. It’s not fun spot-starting every week, but if you’re stuck in a situation like this, and are in need of some QB help for your playoff run, Ryan Fitzpatrick may just be your guy.

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