Josh Gordon (WR)

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Here is a quick question for you–what have most of us had in common for quite some time regarding Josh Gordon, up until two weeks ago? How about, should he be in everyone’s starting lineup? Well if he didn’t answer that question for us these last two games, then we should stop playing fantasy football.

It is more than official. Unless you have Calvin Johnson, A.J. Green, or maybe Brandon Marshall, Josh Gordon should be in each and every owner’s lineup. Heck, I’d even have him in my lineup above Green and Marshall the way he is playing right now. Gordon just set an NFL record for back-to-back 200+ yard games for a WR. With all of the amazing talent we have seen over the years at the receiver position, you would have thought that may have happened before, but this is a first. And with no All-Pro quarterback in Cleveland at that!

Two weeks ago we watched Gordon shred the Pittsburgh Steelers for 14 REC, 237 YDS, and 1 TD. Sure this was against the ever-aging Steelers, but they were still ranked 10th vs. the pass at that point. Then this past week Gordon pulled it off again vs. Jacksonville, going for 10 REC, 261 YDS, and 2 TDs. The last three games, he has been targeted 47 times….47! This is also why we have seen a huge dip in fellow teammate Jordan Cameron’s production. But if you’ve got Gordon on your team, you’re okay with that.

After being suspended for the first two games of the current 2013 season, Gordon kicked the door down in week 3 at Minnesota with 10 catches, 146 yards, and a touchdown. Some people thought, okay, maybe a little lucky in his first week of action, but we’ll see how he holds up in the weeks to come. By fantasy football standards, he has only had two bad games, against Green Bay and Baltimore. Other than that, he has been either consistent, or a flat-out monster. It seems there will be quite a few Josh Gordon jerseys floating around the Factory of Sadness next year in Cleveland.

If you take Josh Gordon’s averages, and spread them out over 12 games rather than just 10 (suspended 2 games), he ranks 2nd, only to the man known as Megatron. That is incredible, and kudos to the young man for basically telling all the haters out there to stuff it, with his play alone. At this point, Gordon needs to be considered a MUST START in all formats. If he flops and you lose because of it, then so be it, but we all know A.J. Green, Marshall, Dez, Antonio, and Demaryius have let us down at some point this season too, and we keep starting them. And it’s always easier to deal with a loss with your studs in your lineup rather than losing with them on your bench on one of their 200-yard days. With the Patriots, Bears, and Jets upcoming, we should see Gordon’s dominance continue through the fantasy playoffs. In my UPS delivery man’s words, what can (a) Brown do for you? How about win you a championship.

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