Xtreme for Sale

After almost 10 years of providing expert fantasy football content and analysis Fantasy Sports Xtreme is moving on.

It’s been a great ride, we’ve won many fantasy sports expert league titles while providing expert analysis to our community. We appreciate each and every one of our 17,000+ members for helping us build this community from the ground up.

Domain Names

The entire line-up of Xtreme domains is available for sale spanning multiple sports. Industry recognizable brands, name awareness, and millions of visitors and users have accessed this site. With the combine coming out soon anyone has great potential to capitalize on our 70% fantasy redraft business. This means, you'll have hundreds of users coming directly to these domains over the next 6 months.

Intellectual Propery

Who wouldn't want direct access to our 17,000 member strong community waiting and willing to pay for premium fantasy sports content? All managed under MailChimp you can pick up right where we left off with those opted-in subscribers. What about our entire data repository updated as recent as 4/15 integrated with Stats, LLC.

Logo & Brand

We've done all the hard work, developed a logo branded across sports, ready to work for you! Build your own Fantasy Experience, leverage graphics and artwork already recognized industry wide. Take ownership of a brand that gives instant name recongition and adds credability to your fantasy business.

Please contact Visiomente for information regarding Fantasy Sports Xtreme ownership. Contact Us Now   Contact Us Now