Player Trade Calculator & Analyzer

Our Fantasy Football Trade Calculator is designed to help you with your fantasy football trade offers and advice.

How To Play

  1. Select your league type: either “redraft” league or “dynasty” league
  2. click on the player(s) that you want to trade from the “Your players” list
  3. click on the player(s) that you want to trade for from the “Their Players” list

Real Time!

The Fantasy Football Trade Calculator gives you instant / Real Time trade advice, telling you what we would do if in your situation. Always updated, so now you never have to wait for trade advice.


The Trade Analyzer is designed for EQUAL PLAYER TRADES, so don’t ask the Calc if you should trade (2) mediocre QBs for (1) second-round runner, because it will add-up the player values and the heavier weighted side will naturally outscore the side with just one player.

Select the draft type your league uses:


For the most accurate results, select either a one-for-one or a two-for-two type of trade.

Created using an average of (4) staff value systems

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Select ONE player from EACH side

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