2010 Fantasy Football Start and Bench Advice: Week 2

09/15/2010 3:09 am by in Start Bench Advice

Below you will find our Week 2 Fantasy Football Start and Bench Advice for the 2010 fantasy football season. Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em advice was meant to be both bold and calculated — We provide both here at Fantasy Football Xtreme.

Start Of The Week

DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart (vs. TB) – Both of these runners are must-starts this week. Both are great buy-low grabs as well, especially in dynasty leagues. No one is going to give D-Will away extremely cheap or anything, but after a disappointing Week 1 outing, you might be able to acquire him as a fantasy RB2. He is still a fantasy RB1 — Take advantage! The Bucs are awful against the run… they ranked dead last in 2009 against the run and will surrender well over 5.0 yards-per-carry in this game. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if both runners ran for at least 90 yards and a score, with one of them getting well above 120 rushing yards.

Ahmad Bradshaw (@IND) – The Giants face the Colts in this one, a rushing defense that surrendered 231 yards and 3TDs to Arian Foster alone last week. Bradshaw is in for a HUGE Week 2.

Last Week

My start of the week last week was Arian Foster, and the rising star ripped off 231 rushing yards and 3TDs in his monster debut. Expect the fantasy monster to have at least 100 yards and a touchdown against the Redskins in Week 2. By the way, only sell-high if you own Foster… think big, don’t trade him in for players ranked outside of your top 10 overall. He is the real deal.

Bench Of The Week

Cedric Benson (vs. BAL) – I recommend sitting Benson this week if you have even decent alternatives. The Ravens will likely control this game from the start, and if they get out to an early lead, the Bengals will have to abandon the run and try to pass their way back into this game (“try” being the key word). Even if Benson gets handed 15-18 carries in this battle, he will have a tough time getting even 60+ yards (with no score). I’d start players like Jonathan Stewart (vs. TB) and Brandon Jackson (vs. BUF) over Benson this week. Both face bottom three rushing defense from last year. Need help with your line-up? Ask Our Staff!

Ronnie Brown & Ricky Williams (@MIN) – Also bench both Dolphins running backs in Week 2 against that very tough Vikings’ rushing defense.

Last Week

Last week I advised fantasy owners to bench Shonn Greene and the runner did in fact disappoint. Not only did Greene disappoint against that Ravens defense, LaDainian Tomlinson appears to have a Kung Fu grip on at least half the touches moving forward. Greene is the future in New York, but his breakout party will be delayed (at least until later this season).

Explosion Of The Week

Jermichael Finley (vs. BUF) – Finley didn’t explode in Week 1, but I expect him to during his Week 2 outing against the Bills. I see Aaron Rodgers having 300+ yards and 3-4TDs in this one… I’m going to go bold and predict 90 yards and 2TDs out of Finley in this contest. If you want Finley, now is the time to attack him via trade. No one is going to sell him extremely cheap, but now is the time to trade a Visanthe Shiancoe for Finley (especially in dynasty leagues).

Last Week

Ryan Mathews was my “Explosion of the Week” last week, and Mathews failed to have a monster outing. I will add that I expect him to rebound in Week 2 and post roughly 100 total yards and 1-2 scores against that Jaguars rushing defense. He is a great buy-low candidate right now.

Trade For (Before Week 2)

Jermichael Finley – As I wrote above, now is the time to strike. Look for Finley to have a handful of multiple-TD games in 2010, as well as a handful of 90+ yard outings. Once he has one of those performances (this week for example), he will be untouchable.

DeSean Jackson – Don’t let the Eagles’ quarterback situation scare you off – This kid is still a fantasy WR1 and you might be able to steal him away from an owner in doubt. Try to get him at high-end fantasy WR2-type value.

More Players To Target Before Week 2

Michael Turner, Jonathan Stewart, LeSean McCoy, Michael Crabtree, Johnny Knox

Last Week

Arian Foster, Jermichael Finley and Mike Wallace – If you didn’t go after Arian Foster last week, it’s probably too late. But it’s not too late to go get Jermichael Finley or Mike Wallace. Both will have monster seasons, so take advantage of their somewhat disappointing Week 1 outings.

Trade Away (Before Week 2)

Darren McFadden (vs. STL) – Let me first start by saying that McFadden could have a good outing in this one, but his value is so high coming off last week’s performance, it’s tough not to act now and sell-high. Michael Bush will soon be back to complicate that backfield, and on top of that, Oakland’s offense is plain awful. All this is going to make McFadden extremely inconsistent. Don’t trade just to trade, but if you can trade McFadden away for an extremely undervalued WR, or a major QB or RB upgrade, make the move! If you can’t get the right deal and maximize value, wait and hope he has another great game at home against the Rams. Then sell him.

Last Week

Clinton Portis – The veteran received 18 carries in Week 1, but he averaged just 3.5 yards-per-carry. His heavy workload in Week 1 might allow you to sell him high this week. Look to trade him for an undervalued Mike Wallace, or use him to upgrade your TE or WR3.

tavaner is a contributor of fantasy footballxtreme

It’s IDP time! Also, if you want to talk IDP all day long, get on our IDP Fantasy Football Forum.

Week 2 IDP Corner

MLB – Paul Posluszny

Posluszny will miss about three weeks due to a right knee injury. He is stud, so he’s worth holding onto in IDP leagues, but find an alternative for now. It is also possible Poz may not be back until after the Bills’ bye week, in late October. We’ll keep you updated.

LB – Dan Connor

Need an LB from the wire? How about 13 tackles and a sack in week 1!!! Connor is now being worked into the nickel packages, and his value will skyrocket. Hope he falls to you on the waiver wire, or grab him now and start him!

SS – Bob Sanders

Sanders has a torn biceps tendon and is out indefinitely. Given his injury history, if you took a flyer on him, which makes sense, drop him. He could be done for the year. In tackle-heavy leagues look to add his replacement, Melvin Bullitt, he started last year in place of him and produced 63 solos. Bullitt’s value is in tackle-heavy leagues.

NT – Kris Jenkins

A torn ACL ends Jenkins’ year and the Jets pass rush gets downgraded as a result. Fornow Sione Pouha moves from De to NT and Mike DeVito takes over the vacated DE spot. The Jets defense was tough last year, and it is still a top option as a team defense.

ILB – Derrick Johnson

We told you about the move Johnson made into the starting lineup last week. The results are in: 11 solos, and assist and a forced fumble. He is an LB to target if he’s still available on your waiver wire. You can start him with confidence against the Browns ground game this week, there should be a lot of three and outs for both teams.

CB – Bryant McFadden

Don’t be fooled by McFadden’s big tackle numbers last week. Matt Ryan targeted Roddy White 23 times. Leave McFadden on the wavier wire.

More Week 2 Content

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15 Comments so far

  1. Smitty September 15th, 2010 3:11 am

    Comments? Predictions? Dilemmas?

  2. Scorpion September 15th, 2010 12:46 pm

    Dan Connor is a 2 down LB, put Derrick Johnson ahead of him on waivers. I’d also have to upgrade DB Bethea again, along with LB Sessions with the Sanders injury. I don’t know why Carolina used Goodson as much as they did, but maybe they have a plan for D.Williams future to be traded. Goodson might be a great return specialist looking ahead toward week 3 against the Bengals. I like the sleeper Knox this week, he’s a potential waiver wire grab after week 1 if others gave up on him early. Nice call on trying to buy low on Forte before the season… very nice call.

  3. Smitty September 15th, 2010 5:30 pm

    Solid additions as always, scorp!

  4. yak rider September 17th, 2010 10:04 am

    i am in a salary cap football league (well 2 actually) but start the year with only 3 moves to be made. 2 additional is added each week so i can’t drop and add willy nilly. i took your advice and bought most of the players you recommended. however, although i took cutler last week and he did well, i’m thinking i better replace him this week. after dropping cutler my better options would be ryan,flacco,vick,mcnabb,eli,palmer, campbell,hasselbeck,orton. whomever, i choose probably will have to be mine for awhile as i don’t have enough moves to make multiple every week and i must save a few because i have rice and the ravens defense which will both have to be replaced week 7 or 8. also, i like flacco but that would leave me with the above mentioned ravens and flacco on the same team?????? i like vick this week but if kolb is back next week that would be the end of vick and thus another trade used. however, if i take vick i could upgrade another position. currently i have: peyton,foster,rice,wallace,knox and ravens. picking vick would allow me a welker or another significant upgrade. any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.
    my other league is pretty much the same in that i should probably cut cutler and upgrade there but i am feeling i want to keep the rest being: peyton,mccoy,mathews,wallace,finley and ravens. in both leagues i could drop the ravens and pick up oakland for this week but that would be a weekly merry go round of defenses using up my limited transactions.
    thanks in advance for your help

  5. […] Week 2 start and sit advice: DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart should run wild at home against the Buccaneers. Hard to trust Stewart after a bad week one, but I bet he gets in the endzone at least once this weekend. [Fantasy Football Xtreme] […]

  6. Smitty September 17th, 2010 4:38 pm

    Yak: Keep the Ravens D.

    I like Matt Ryan and Flacco for the long haul this season given your situation. I love Vick, but as you said, he is no guaranteed start past Week 2/3…. so with limited transactions, that makes sense…. then again, if I get this right, you can pick up Welker and roll with Vick? If so, for sure I do that for now, and even with limited transactions, I take the chance on Vick and swap him out later if need be? To add a Welker, that’s insane (if i understood that right).

  7. yak rider September 17th, 2010 6:28 pm

    thanks smitty. yes you are correct i can cut cutler and add vick and then cut knox and add welker and still stay under salary cap. of course then i have only 1 more move for this week which i will not use. next week i get one more added which will give me 2. of course if vick goes right back to the bench then i will have to replace him and then be at 1 again.
    another option for me is to keep knox and cut wallace (my other wr) which would allow me to pick up one of the following: marshall, s. smith, ochocinco, clark,gates, crabtree,bowe,v.davis, ward,harvin,finley and welker and a host of others. any of those you’d think you’d rather have than welker? i don’t really want to cut wallace but i think he might start shining when ben comes back. thanks

  8. yak rider September 17th, 2010 6:31 pm

    i also just saw that now i have 2 players with week 7 byes and 2 with week 8 byes (if i keep knox) will have to monitor moves closely so as not to have to keep a dead spot.

  9. Smitty September 18th, 2010 1:46 am

    Welker could be in for as big a season, if not bigger, than all the WRs you listed. Roll with Welker, my friend! Try to also get Finley in that line up as well, though :)

  10. yak rider September 18th, 2010 11:19 am

    will do. thanks for the input. i have two leagues and have finley and wallace in the that league. thanks again. will try to figure out how to get finley too.

  11. yak rider September 18th, 2010 11:20 am

    might have to cut rice and go with mathews or mccoy though. not sure i want to do that however. then again that will ease up on all the players i must cut with bye week 8, thanks again

  12. […] FFXtreme loves DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart while they be hating on Cedric Benson. I am not part of the DeAngelo Williams fan club, but there is a lot to like about anyone facing Tampa Bay’s run defense. […]

  13. Smitty September 18th, 2010 6:44 pm


    Cut Ray Rice? No way. Ray Rice is going to explode this week and he is a top 2 overall player in my eyes still. Don’t cut Rice!

  14. yak rider September 19th, 2010 11:34 am

    thanks smitty i didn’t cut rice. so one team has peyton vick foster rice wallace and welker and ravens. other team has peyton vick mccoy mathews finley and welker and ravens. lol sounds like someone is reading your sit bench advice. just heard on tv vick is on bench again next week so will have to find another qb whaaaaaaaa

  15. dylishus October 1st, 2010 2:29 am

    Hey Smitty,
    Who’s better? Ray Rice or Frank Gore? lmk


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